Working Holiday (Kiwis/New Zealand)

Looking for an amazing opportunity to travel to Canada, work in fantastic clinics, and earn an excellent wage while abroad?
Learn about the “Working Holiday” program for Vets from New Zealand!
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Why Canada?

Travel and Adventure

Canada boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the world; from Vancouver Island to the Rocky Mountains in the west right across to the amazing Bay of Fundy on the east coast, experience the pristine outdoors like never before.

Professional Development

Canadian Veterinary Medicine has an exceptional standard of care. Work with excellent equipment and well trained support teams. Learn from experienced mentors and further your professional experience.


Because of current demand, we are seeing a rise in Veterinary Salaries in Canada. Depending on location and experience, average annual veterinary salaries are between $90-140k

How does it Work?

  1. Apply With CVW – we will help connect you with clinics looking to hire for short or medium term engagements
  2. Apply with Immigration Canada (about $400 CAD, and 3 weeks processing time)
  3. Once approved, travel to Canada within the next year
  4. Work and Travel in Canada for up to two years. This can be at one clinic or multiple clinics.

Who is Eligible?

  1. New Zealand Citizens
  2. Aged 18-35 (work permit requirement, not an employment requirement)
  3. Have NOT previously participated in the “Working Holiday” IEC program
  4. Graduates of an AVMA COE-Accredited Veterinary School
  5. Successful NAVLE (or ability to take the NAVLE at the next available sitting)
  6. Minimum 2 years of post-grad clinical experience

Learn More!

Email us directly at with “working holiday” in the subject line


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