Candidate FAQs

Got a question? We are happy to clarify. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions!

1. What sets Canada VetWork apart?

At Canada VetWork we don’t just want to place you with a job, we want to find you a perfect match! We care about your career goals and want to help you achieve them. We offer many resources designed to help guide you through the relocation process, such as mentorship, cultural expectation training, weekly wellness check-ins, specialized ESL language classes, and many more!

2. What are some of the requirements?

  • Strong English or French language skills
  • Pass the NAVLE (a standardized test for practicing veterinarians). Don’t worry, we offer plenty of study guides and tutoring.
  • Be a graduate (or soon-to-be graduate) from an accredited school.
  • Have the required documents for immigration, including a passport. We help with that too!

3. Why Canada?

Canada is currently experiencing a shortage of veterinary health professionals which is projected to
continue through 2040. You could be part of the solution! Whether you are looking for adventure,
career development, or searching for a beautiful and safe place to raise a family—Canada may be right
for you.

4. What kind of work should I expect?

There are currently openings in small animal, bovine, equine, and mixed practices in many locations
across Canada varying from small rural towns to big cities. Take the chance to explore the possibility to
live and work in Canada!

5. What are the costs?

The costs for students and graduates enrolled in our program are very few. Canada VetWork does not require any fees or payments. The only costs that you pay are those involved with obtaining the necessary documents for immigration, such as a passport and a background check where required. Furthermore, there may be small fees required to obtain transcripts or diplomas from your university.

6. Why only UNAM?

Currently, we are only accepting applicants from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. We hope to open the program up for other universities and other country as soon as we can. For now, we can only accept students and graduates from COE accredited schools, such as UNAM.

Did we miss one? If you have other questions, please feel free to reach out!